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Remaining Aileen


Aileen knew motherhood would change her.

She never expected those changes to come with a taste for blood.


When a lightning strike sends small-town mom Aileen Ross’s plane plummeting, a handsome stranger next to her takes her hand. His kindness doesn’t save him. Aileen is the only survivor.


In the weeks that follow, Aileen is not well. During a chance encounter with an injured woman, Aileen finds herself touching the blood and then lapping it hungrily off her fingertips. Inexplicably, the stranger from the plane – a man who calls himself Donovan and was reported dead – appears and guides her away to explain.


He saved her life… by ending it. Like him, she is now a vampire.


Not knowing how she can be both a mom and a monster, Donovan promises to help her and protect her family while she’s learning. Unaware of the powerful bond between the creator and the created, Aileen doesn’t understand her growing feelings for a man who isn’t her husband. Donovan’s own creator and dangerously jealous former lover does. She is determined to punish Donovan by destroying Aileen, starting with Aileen’s daughters.


Unaware of the reckoning approaching, Aileen uncovers shattering truths about Donovan, her transformation, and the lightning strike which severs the tie she felt to him. However, with her training incomplete, her thirst increases, endangering everyone around her.


Donovan’s need for Aileen, his creator’s for him, and Aileen’s thirsty, mama-lion rage meet in a cataclysmic collision that unleashes waves of devastating consequences, complicated further by her husband’s indomitable maneuvers to save her and protect their girls. It will take all of Aileen’s instincts – both human and supernatural – to stay strong enough long enough.

Fireflies and Fairy Dust Anthology

-Broken Keys-


Music echoed through the walls of her house.

Vibrating string and hammer,

as her fingers

danced across the ivory, 

when the sun was warm and the flowers


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